Bluetooth Headphones

I’m currently having an issue with my Volkano X Sonata Series Active Noise Cancelling Headphones. They suddenly starting giving me issues with their battery life. I was originally having charging issues where the LED light (either blue or red) was turning purple instead of turning off. Then while being used the battery would drain incredibly fast. I could not find any information online, or even what the fix would be. Any ideas? Or even a suggestion on what to do?

I’m autistic, so the noise cancelling headphones are a big part of my life. I’m really struggling without them, and I’m feeling a but lost on how to fix them.

How old are the headphones?

They are a year and six months old. I bought them for myself as a late Christmas gift last year.

A bad battery or bad charging circuit after 18 month of using?
I think I would contact the manufacturer and ask kindly for a replacement.

I have contacted the manufacturer directly, and will try and get a refund or replacement from the company I purchased from. However I don’t think I will succeed there as I’ve passed their 12 month warranty.