Board Views - Switch + Switch Lite

Hi, I’ve seen snippets of these board views on here, mostly with diode values and some with cap and resistor values but not in full.

Are these available in full to download or buy somewhere? I appreciate a lot of time goes into making these.


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They’re not boardviews but vector/image files… I’d guess illustrator files with perhaps layers for seperation

They’re created by the user @Calvin so might be worth asking him for them :slight_smile:

Though if you want a project, you could create schematics and boardviews from these files and a donor board with Kicad with help from those board layer scans on that recently posted website :wink:

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Thanks, I don’t seem to have the option to PM so hopefully he will see this :slight_smile:

Did you get those images? I also want them… Especially for Switch Lite.

It couldn’t be more important for maintenance engineers. Could @Calvin pls provide a method that we can get those drawing legally

It is only a map with diode mode measurings I build myself.
And because I have no interest to figure out the legal side of this, I m not offering it public.


Thanks for the reply, Calvin. I can’t see what would be illegal about making these public? Would you consider sharing them privately?

Hi Calvin, you are a genius!!! Thank you for your work with these maps, you have helped me a lot!
By the way, I don’t want to abuse your work, but won’t you share your nintendo switch blueprints?

Thank you anyway. And you know ,if we can repair more Switch, maybe we can create more fun and smile

Hello Calvin
Can you share me yuor maps please ?

Key calvin, could you please send your diode maps privately to me?

I would also be very interested in the Measurement Maps :slight_smile: Is it possible that you can be found on Kleinanzeigen? :blush: