Borderlands 3 shuts down with heat warning, Xbox not actually overheating

Just a warning as I nearly took my xbox one X to a repair shop due to a bug in the new Borderlands 3 game. There is a mission early in the game when you meet a character called Vaughn, after his introductory cut scene the xbox can shut down and when starting back up it stated it shut down due to overheating. Due to the game saving just before that point, every time I loaded the save it shut down the console making me fear the xbox was broken. I managed to get passed this point by switching from resolution mode to performance and then switching back after I passed this part. I did clean the vents anyway to prevent overheating in the future.

Sounds like they’ve got something they need to fix

I’ve sent a bug report so hopefully it will be, the rest of the game so far seems pretty stable.