Bought a switch online everything works turns on but no charging

I dont have the switch in front of me yet but what would be the most likely culprit if everything still fuctions properly just no charging. The m something chip the usb port? I want to try to preorder replacements so im not waiting for long to repair it. Thanks in advance for the help guys.

most likely M92T36 or bq charging chip

those are the only 2 chips before your battary

Thank you for the response. I see some people also replace the pi3usb but i assume i wouldnt get a working console if that chip was bad? I will order both those chips in preperation for the console to come. Thanks for the help.

Hi Banthors,

Sometimes when there is a short arround M92T36 chip its caused by a short on the pi3usb chip on the other side of the board. But the most common faulty part is M92T36…

But you should begin with M92T36 and BQ charging chip as DSch said in his reply.