Bought a switch with screen artifacts, screen replaced now 0.47a

Hi all, bought a switch that had screen fade / artifacts, working completly fine otherwise. Replaced the screen now it draws 0.47a when charger comnected no power/ black screen. Swapped all parts with a good working board with no joy. Put a working board into the shell with new screen an it works perfect. Tested everything in diode mode getting perfect readings no shorts.

Seems likes its in a boot loop as the cpu warms up but just cant get it to start. Anyone have any idea what i can do?

Balckscreen and 0,4x Amps can be caused by many Things.

I would remove the M92 First and See if it will Boot then, with a charged battery (switch works without it, Shows a error after Boot)
Could also be a Bad PI3USB or if you have a switch V1, the Diode Arrays can be a point of failure.
Also check the Battery Fuel Gauge.