Bought broken switch, IC Chip (BQ24193) broke off, can i fix it?

Hi. I bought a switch for 80$ and i assumed that the battery or USB-C port is broken because the seller stated that it wont charge.

Well, i was very wrong.

I opened it and besides many lost or not carefully treated screws i saw that the BQ24193 chip was off. I never worked on motherboard repairs so i cant tell if anything of these parts is broken. Please look at the pictures and see if you can help.

How can i fix it? Are there any solutions how to put that thing back on? What euiqment do i need?

And there is this one part near the battery, the thin yellow short thing. I dont know what this is could yall tell me what it is?

(I cant post the photos i will try later)

Invest $100+ equipment to flow QFN ic on the board or send it to a repair shop to do the work for you

100? Is that really important for a one-time-job?

I wouldn’t spend a penny on tools for a one-time-job especially it would end up worse when lack of exp and practice