BQ gets very hot


can someone tell me how hot the BQ IC may/can get?
I measured about 60°C with this IC. The battery is charging but the console will not turn on.
If I disconnect the battery and connect the charging cable, the coil gets about 55°C hot, but the BQ IC remains cold. I couldn’t find any short circuits around all “known” ICs.

Without battery the coil should draw more than 10mA current which should stays cool.So from your case there should be something drawing from the coil constantly, I think it should be quit obvious to find out by “awwy” hand touching search

is it normal that the BQ IC gets so warm when it is connected to the battery? Could the BQ IC be defective without short circuits on the surrounding capacitors?

It gets a little warm, but I wouldn’t call it hot.

The working BQs I See when pluged in getting around 45-55 degree.

But Could also be the M92, it’s often broken even if there is no short.

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