Brand new emmc module without any memory

I have a 256GB nand chip that I wanted to solder onto a emmc module. Everywhere I look it always has a 32GB emmc chip already attached.
I wanted just the pcb module to reduce thermal stress on the module.
Does anyone have a direct link or part number that I can search to find only the pcb board?
I was thinking of fabricating it but I do not know how.

You’re best off just getting the whole thing, I doubt you’d find just the module. Plus if you mess up you have a drive to use as a backup. Plus it’s good to learn how to desolder those chips

I am just going to do that. I just wanted zero percent chance of lifting any pads while de-soldering, but honestly I will not need it.

No, I have 32 gigabytes of modules and 256 of them

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