Brand new PS5 not taking a disc

Hi. I just bought a brand new PS5 disc version console. I’ve gone through the set up, I’ve done the system update, and i got through to where it asks if i want to insert a disc to start downloading it. When i go to insert the disc though, it wont take the disc in. I noticed that it is making some noises when it turns on, so i know it has power, but the noises definitely aren’t quiet. This is my second console in less than 24 hours that has done this (i exchanges the last one just to see if i had better luck with a different one). Any ideas?

P.s. I’m not familiar with tearing down and working on this stuff.

Is the disc orientation correct?
If the PS5 is brand new, there is no need to tearing anything down. Return it to the seller.

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Yeah, the disc was oriented correct.

I think that’s exactly what I’m going to do is return it tomorrow and get my money back. This the 2nd PS5 from the same place that had this exact same problem, so I think I’m going to take my business somewhere else and see if i have better luck.

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