Broken analog stick ribbon cable connector

I purchased an ORIGINAL 3ds on eBay that was advertised as having a broken analog stick module, but it turns out the module is a brand new replacement and that the previous owner actually broke the tab off of the ribbon cable connector on the motherboard so now there is no reliable connection. Can anyone link me to the correct replacement that is both affordable and wont take a month to recieve? All I can find online are connectors for the digitizer and I don’t know if they are the same connector or not.

I’m not 100% sure, but I think they are the same connector.

They’re both 4 pin connectors with the same shape. Maybe I’ll try it BUT I have a dead ds lite motherboard and the digitizer connector on that looks identical to the 3ds one.

Just checked, and the ones I bought for my 2DS XL were called:

1pcs For Nintendo DS Lite For NDSL Touch Screen Ribbon Port Socket For 3DS / 3DS XL LL Replacement Part 4 Pin Connector

And while it was a real pain to change it did fit.