Broken Chips, Are They Repairable?

So as far as I know, these are the only two things broken off the motherboard, I know very little about repairs and I’m slowly trying to get interested in it and happened to pick this switch up with some joycons.
Anyways, it doesn’t turn off which I’m not surprised, but I did notice these two chips, I know one is an inductor and I currently have a replacement for that on its way, but the other one no clue. If these are repairable, how should come about it, I feel as if this motherboard has some life in it. Any help is greatly appreciated !
imgur. com/a/bLsF205

view broken picture???

You have to take out the space in the link since it would let me post the full link

Both are coils
Attach it with a hot air gun

I will try, thank you for this advice

So I’ve gone and soldered the chip back down and I’m now getting a charge reading but no display