Broken disc drive (?)

Hello everyone and I thank those who will answer me in advance.

My ps5 never gave any kind of problem until yesterday when the disc player stopped working all of a sudden.

After installing Ratchet & Clank I was starting the campaign, when suddenly, after selecting the difficulty, the ps5 spat out the disc without even emitting the classic beep. I tried various discs including ps4 but the result does not change. Opening and inspecting the optical reader, I notice the result (the one you see in the video). I assume there is something faulty and it needs to be replaced. I ask someone more experienced than me: is it the logic board, the laser or is it the whole disc drive block?

I would be very grateful if someone could help me.

For video:
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The board of the bd is married to the mainboard. Don’t loose it, otherwise you will turn your PS5 BD to a digital one. In the second video the disc starts to spin and stops, starts, stops… so I guess that the laser doesn’t work at all or doesn’t generate any datastream.
I would check if the disc spinner, where the disc sits, is clean and if it holds the disc propper in position.

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First of all thank you for the answer.
I state that the disc ejection works correctly and it does not seem that the disc spins inappropriately. I cleaned everything with cotton and alcohol so I think the problem is just a hardware defect and not a cleaning one.
As you can see from the first video you can see the laser carriage going back and forth.
Beyond that, then, do you recommend replacing the laser?
P.S. But how can it fail like this? Literally out of nowhere?

UPDATE: I inserted a dvd and it reads like nothing happened. At this point it’s definitely the laser? If yes, I have the first model of ps5 (2020), do I have to consider something particular or can I take any one as a replacement?

You should see the laser part number on the black ABS housing next to the rails.
As far as I know, PS5 has KEM-497AAA laser so far.

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ok for now I find I only found this type of serial so I don’t think there are different models. Thank you too! :grin:

If it’s now reading without any problems I don’t have any good ideas… From my point of view: If a laser is done, it is done. So I don’t think it is the laser unit itself. Maybe contact problems at the ribbons?

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From my research it seems that having the laser ‘burned’ in reading BDs and not burned for DVDs is possible. I don’t know exactly why but multiple sources on the internet confirm this. For now, though, it’s the best lead I have.

Do you have an oscilloscope?

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Nope, I don’t have it

I see, If you had a scope you could potentially tune a weak laser, using the scope to view the eye pattern to verify.

I don’t see why you can’t replace the laser module as a whole provided it’s still utilizing the BD board as a whole.(?)

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Because it’s cheaper… :upside_down_face:

I haven’t looked (and don’t know) but if there is a pot you might be able to twiddle with it and give the diode more power and it may give it a second lease of life (albeit a shorter life) but without a scope you’d be guessing.

I suppose the worry is, it didn’t gradually deteriorate but stopped working straight away, usually a laser that goes bad will do so linearly (you’ll start get read errors and the like) so it’s entirely possible the bluray diode has just failed… Dunno, maybe someone can confirm as I’ve not looked, is this two separate diode modules utilizing the same lens? dunno if it’s prevalent on PS5 but picking the console up or tilting it while a disc is in can scuff up the lens (and disc) - failing that, maybe an inductor failure, which you could potentially test (the part that moves the lens up/down)

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Hi everyone, I’m here to update you on the situation. The new laser arrived today and after having mounted it (after a bit of ups and downs) I am happy to inform you that the problem has been solved. It was actually the laser that presumably got screwed up/burnt out.


Hi, I just started to have this same problem yesterday. I was able to play a DVD but games PS4/PS5 seems like the drive tries to spin up but stops. Eventually getting the Disk Unreadable error. Where did you find the Laser and was it hard to replace?

I’m very sorry if I didn’t see the message in time. Do you still need a hand or have you solved it?