Broken top right hinge, how do I properly fix/replace this?

Right shoulder button and hinge has broken off. The case is now loose and barely held on by the other shoulder/hinge.

I have pics but it won’t let me send this topic with them. Idk if I’m too new.

I’m wondering if I can buy and replace the hinge or back plate itself, preferably the same kind, and replace it that way. I have seen something like that on eBay that I can buy but I’m not sure how to go about it or if I should.

As for the system itself it’s perfectly functional. It is almost dead though, but as far as I know it charges fine, haven’t used it in years cause I thought something else was wrong with it but turns out it works completely fine. Can’t find the charger though so I’m waiting on a new one.

All the buttons work, 3D effect works, dpad works, analog stick, speakers, shoulder buttons, all the buttons work. Touch screen still works. Even closing it still puts it to sleep.

Any suggestions or tips are welcome. Thanks.

I have the same problem.