Broken transistor when changing thermal paste

I’m completely a novice at Xbox repair, I was scammed on Facebook marketplace and someone knowingly sold me a broken Xbox one s then deleted their profile. Anyway, I am trying to see if I can fix it. I used a multimeter to discover the power supply was completely dead so I ordered a new one that will be here tomorrow. In the meantime I took the system apart and stared cleaning it because it was absolutely filthy and full of bugs, dirt, a little corrosion on the meta casing etc. I was using a plastic prying tool to try and remove the excess thermal paste that was all around the apu and covering some of the transistors and somehow accidentally broke off one of the small transistors around the apu along with a chunk of dried thermal paste.

Am I screwed? I don’t currently own a heat gun, just a soldering iron, and I’m guessing this thing is done. Any thoughts, suggestions?

so sorry to hear that, lets see what the people think about this…!! i guess just putting it back will be ok but because of the size of this components it’s not an easy job…

I would be worried about adding too much heat to the cpu/gpu if you try soldering it back on. They are not built to handle much heat and you could accidentally reflow the solder balls and cause shorts that you can’t even see.

I would try it without the transistor. Hopefully it’s part of a redundant circuit. If it works without it, great. If it doesn’t, then you can consider trying to repair it because there’s nothing to lose at that point.