Broken wire-to-board battery connector on Nintendo Switch Lite

While replacing the broken left thumbstick on my granddaughter’s Switch Light, I disconnected the battery cable from the connector (circled in photo). Unfortunately, I broke one of the contacts on the connector.

I’ve searched for the connector with various manufacturers, thinking I could desolder the broken one and replace it, but I can’t find a match.


  1. Desolder the PCB-mounted half of the connector and replace with 3-conductor ribbon cable. Attach small male connector to the end of the ribbon cable. Replace the existing connector on the end of the battery pigtail with the mating female connector. Problem with this is that there’s not much room for extra wire under the metal shield - connector and wire need to be super small.

  2. Desolder connector and hard-wire battery pigtail to place where connector is now (really a pretty bad idea, but possible).

  3. Buy a broken Switch Lite and scavenge the battery connector from the motherboard - use that to replace my broken connector.

  4. Find a replacement wire-to-board connector that will fit in the same through-holes the current connector is soldered to. If the mating half (on battery pigtail) is different from current connector, replace the current connector with the new one.

Option 4 is my favored solution, but I’ve been unsuccessful so far in identifying a replacement connector. I was kind of hoping with everything Steve Porter has done, he might have one just laying around!

Thanks for any suggestions.

Hmm - sorry but I was unable to attach the pic to my post. Looking for a work-around.