Bsod blue screen switch

Ok so I brought a faulty switch off ebay. Mainly to use as a donor board for parts I can’t find on mouser rs ect. However just wondered if you guys have any info on blue screen switches. So the switch won’t power up when pressing power button ect. No shorts around the usual chips ect. However if you plug in a power cable the screen lights up and goes blue instantly. Looking on the rear side of the board the max17050 chip looks damaged, think it has some water damage too which I’ve cleaned up. But I’d like to repair it if possible. I don’t know it’s history though so it may of been bricked by someone trying to mod it.
Am I wasting my time trying to fix it?
Are there different bsod symptoms for the switch

If max17050 is not destroyed, or there are no other pieces in short, try this tutorial.

I’ve fixed bsod Switches by reflowing the CPU. As @FXDX said though, it may need the NAND rebuilt.


Just pray it ain’t modded mate because if it is it’s kernal panicking due to nintendo detecting and locking it down

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And an eMMC reball can solve the problem if it is there. Because there can be multiple causes and you have to try them one at a time.

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Got some max17050 coming from china will update after I swap that out.

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