BSOD - dead CPU?

So I have a patched Switch with BSOD. The customer told me, that he got an error message on the Switch which told him to reboot (He doesn’t know the exact message). After the reboot he got a BSOD.

I didn’t find any shorts.
I tried to get into recovery, reballed the CPU and both of the RAM ICs but still getting a BSOD.

I swapped over the emmc to a cfw Switch and injected hekate to check the emmc and it looks good to me so far.
I measured the voltages at the emmc and get everywhere 1.8V except of one point where I measure 0.9V constantly. Compared to a good Switch this 0.9V point should change the whole time during boot until it stays at 0V

Do I have to tell the customer, that the CPU is dead?

Check the Battery IC / fuel gauge for visible damage or shorts.

Also press on both RAMs and on the CPU while Boot, if it will come to life, you have a broken solder Ball under this component, which you can rejoin by reflowing in Most cases.