Bsod issue on switch

Well when I plug the charger in it just shows the blue screen but i’ll be sure to check that out thanks mate

Hey there,
Yes, that’s one of the switch’s way to tell you that there’s a kernel problem.

Yeah it could be like five different issues if they’ve tried updating it since homebrewing it then it won’t be repairable but only time will tell

Hey guys an update on this one i’m about to start rebuilding it from the ground up it’s getting a whole new motherboard in it and all the electronic components will be replaced while the tray gets a clean then a coat of anti static solution

I’ll put the link up here when it’s up

Try a Reflow or Reballing at Nvidia Tegra SoC, or even a reball at the eMMC

I don’t even know where that motherboard is and it had bad scratches on the back breaking circuits i’m rebuilding it because I can’t find my good one and it’ll make a fun video too