Bsod issue on switch

Hey i’ve got a switch that’s getting a solid blue screen when I turn it on do you have any idea as to the problem any guidance on how to fix this would really help thanks mate

Well, there are several possibilities with the blue screen of death on the Nintendo Switch. Sometimes it can simply be a faulty screen, sometimes it can be a faulty M92T36 and sometimes it can be because it has some type of homebrew or has been modded. Some of them have an unknown cause as well. Unfortunately, there’s no way for me to really narrow it down for you.

Well at first it wasn’t turning on I had to mess around a bit before it would that’s when I discovered it had the bsod i’ll get a better multimeter and check the chip you mentioned and if that’s ok i’ll try replacing the screen

Do you see the Nintendo logo, and then it’s going to a BSOD?
If you see the Nintendo Logo, then we know the screen works.
So I would then look at M92T36, rather than replacing the screen.

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No just bsod though right now i’m using a usb tester and it’s not drawing any amps and it doesn’t work with a dock either

Here’s the images of what the usb tester is showing

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I’d check the fuse (right on top of USB port, very unlikely that it’s blown) and the power management IC (big chip right above it, should say “M92T36”). Checking the M92T36 usually is done by checking the capacitors around the chip for shorts. Steve has some excellent videos on that on youtube (look for the tronicsfix channel). That chip would be my top suspect. From my understanding it should generate all the necessary power rails for the device (please correct me if I’m talking complete rubbish here), to me it looks like one ore more are missing. Just a guess.

I’d check both BQ24193 & M92T36 -> I suspect one or the other will be faulty. I reckon the BSOD is a result of a bad data line from either chip.

I’ll take a look at them when i’ve got a decent multimeter

I’ve just plugged in the charger and it straight away got the bsod so i’m suspecting the screen

This is what I get the moment the charger is plugged in I hope that narrows it down a bit for you

Also here’s the back

looks like it has been water damaged. you can see corrosion on the touch screen ribbon cable (black ribbon cable top left), there is also corrosion between the battery and fan and the little sticker has went pink indicating water damage. most likely you have corrosion on some of the chips and probably some of the ribbon cables. if you are confident then remove the ribbon cables and check the tracks are clean and unbroken, remove the motherboard and clean with IPA and a toothbrush. for testing watch Steve’s videos on testing with just the battery, motherboard and charger connected to see if you are now able to draw current.

I pulled that touch screen from another switch

Could I get a new board that’s missing parts and use this one as a donor board

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I’d just use it as donor board, since it has lots of weird looking details (dented memory casing, corrosion on the game card reader connector, corrosion on the display connector and so on). I wouldn’t put too much effort in it… Try cleaning it thoroughly, if that does not help I’d just use it as donor.

The memory casing is dented from me removing it to check the chips underneath i’ve since straightened it it turns on and off with the power button held while the charger is plugged in but the battery doesn’t appear to hold charge like it used to

Hey guys my last reponse I did while out I just got home and pulled the board and here are some suspect spots i’ve found

These are on the back some are scratches some look like water damage can you tell me if this is the issue

Due to condition i’ve found it after pulling it I agree that it’s better for it to have a donor life the photo’s are above if you want to check them oh and here’s something that signal’s the end of it’s life indefinitely

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Sorry to dig this up again, but had an ideal. Related to your blue screen:
That usually tells you that the switch had some trouble with the kernel, on startup usually loading and/or starting it. It’s a so called panic code, there’s a bunch of different colors, too:
https //switchbrew org/w/index.php?title=Panic_codes
(replace whitespaces with colon and period)
So the srceen is definitely ok, you can use it as donor screen, too :slight_smile:
If you still want to try to get this board running, maybe check if the eMMC is ok? Because if you plug in the charger cable when the switch is turned off, it already loads the kernel from the eMMC along with a bunch of other things, just to show you the chargin icon on the screen.

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