BW-100 Contact Spray

Hello everyone,

I’m new in here and i was wondering where i could buy the BW-100 spray out of the USA because i can’t find people who sell this within the EU. I live in the UK and was looking to buy this spray to start tinkering with my bits of electronics i need to try and fix could anyone tell me a good alternative to the BW-100 please? :slightly_frowning_face:

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Just buy any old contact cleaner, honestly none is particularly better than the other… they are essentially just a light machine oil somewhere along the lines of WD40 (which you could also use)

And just as a reminder, the uses of these products are sometimes not to be believed, sometimes people will show it magically fixing joystick drift issues etc but thte reality is stick dirft is most commonly caused by erosion of the carbon tracks internally, sometimes adding contact cleaner can temporarily resolve such issues as it basicaly turns the carbon dust into a paste inside but the results are of course temporary, no amount of oil can fix a physical issue for real :slight_smile: . Now on the otherhand, contact cleaner is great for cleaning carbon traces as it won’t degrade the carbon traces like IPA will and it’s also great for switch contacts, gamecart contacts etc so if that’s your intention then yeah, pick up a can from somewhere like mouser or element14/farnel or like I say WD40 works just fine :+1:

Hi, Severence,

Thank you for your reply and solution this makes me feel better about what i would need to use to be honest i saw that TronicsFix was using and promoting the spray and thought it must be the dogs ***** so speak lol

Thank again,Have a good day and stay safe.