C20 by retimer chip value

I knocked it off replacing retimer.

I think its 100nf but after replacing with this value the retimer slowly died again so I need to verify before swapping TDP again.

Please help.

Im a dummy. Looking for C18 by retimer

The title is all wrong

Help please

According to my jottings C18 is 1nF.
HTH Stan.

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Thank you so much.

I have 2 donor boards if anyone else needs basically any other value or part. I just got into the one X repair.

Getting this wrong could also explain why the Timer slowly died.


Do you check in circuit and if yes what equipment do you use?

I have something cheap I can only check out of circuit and it misses lower values.

Okay I started ripping parts off of a donor board to map out the caps better. Again thank you Fixer.

C16 = 100 nf
C17 = 10 nf
C18 = 1 nf

And to round out the post title

C20 = 100 nf

Let me know if other values are needed.

New retimer with added 1 nf at C18. Need to double check all legs are soldered but this looks good.

I fried the HDMI out on the first replacement tdp158 with the 100 nf. It worked for about a week. I have confidence this ones going to stick.

Anywho new timer with c18 1 nf :slight_smile:

You rock Fixer!!!

Hi Fixer,

I need all 4 of those capacitors as the heat gun ruined the connections on them all.

Iā€™m just about to order replacements, but wanted to check what Voltage rating they should be?