Can a ps4 pro produce or create a liquid?

I know the liquid was not urine I tasted it and smelled it and it was just very metallic tasting just not good the liquid was not sticky. There was no spillage of any kind I do not put liquids anywhere near where my ps4 pro sits. The liquid was only underneath the ps4 and inside of the ps4. I never kept my ps4 pro on for more than 12 hours at a time thinking about 5 hours is probably the longest it ever stayed on.

What color was it? They do put grease in the fan bearings and that can sometimes come out of it.

It was cloudy/whitish and it seemed like a lot of fluid

Grease usually isn’t really mush of a fluid as it’s usually pretty thick. I don’t know of anything else it would be.

Okay thank you for your responses have a happy new year!!!

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No it can’t really in all my time of working on consoles and pc’s i’ve never seen liquid inside

Thank you guys so much for your answers 1000 times better than the playstation customer service. I wish I had found you guys sooner and now that I know this will be the first place I come for answers. Happy new years and Thanks again!!!

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I have the same problem. sony sent it back saying unrepairable liquid damage

Yeah Sony’s customer service is a joke in my opinion. I had to buy a new one. I set it up on some extra coasters that I have and put a towel under it so if it happens again I will know right away and be able to see what the liquid actually is.