Can I damage the HDMI port by plugging and unplugging the HDMI cable a lot?

hello bro i have question for you bro !! I wanted to know if unplugging / and plug the cable hdmi (or even the power supply) 2x a week for a year can damage the ports?even if i unplug and plug carefully ?

Pretty much any time you plug in an HDMI cable it’s possible to damage the port. If you plug and unplug it a lot then there’s more of a chance that something could happen. That being said if you’re being careful then it’s very, very unlikely that it will cause any problems.
That all being said if it’s a first gen PS4 (1000 or 1100 models) those PS4’s have really bad HDMI ports that are much more likely to break than the later models.
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Couldn’t have said it better myself mate

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The majority of damage I have noticed comes from inserting the cable on an angle, or leaving the HDMI cable on an angle near the connector, which causes a lot of stress on the HDMI port itself. If you insert the cable with cable, and make sure the HDMI cable is not putting stress on the port by leaving it on an angle, then you shouldn’t have much worry.

Yes, you can. It will lead to wear and tear. Especially when you let your kids do it.

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I damaged a ps4 hdmi port simply by plugging and unplugging it