Can I replace the battery with my DC supply power set to 3.8V?


I’m a beginner at electronics repairing, and I’ve bought a broken Switch lite that won’t turn on or display charging icon when plugged in to train and learn.

I’ve watched a LOT of youtube videos to see how people diagnose problems and tried everything I could to find shorts or broken pins but everything just seems fine.

Anyway, now I want to test if the battery is the problem, so I have 2 questions:

  • Should the switch run when plugged through the usb-c port even if it has no battery? I’ve been measuring voltage in the circuit in this case so I was wondering if it was enough.
  • Can I use my DC power supply set to 3.8V and plug it in in place of the battery? It feels naive to me to think it’s that simple (for instance, is it okay if I let the temperature pin disconnected?), that’s why I need your help.

Also, I’m having a really hard time finding useful information online apart from youtube and this forum (which is often too specific for my knowledge), is there anything that compile resources about this subject? I’m guessing you always get asked the same things, so I thought maybe someone wrote a summary of usual diagnosis / repairing procedure somewhere but I could not find anything.

Thank you very much!

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Hey buddy,

I know the feeling. I too feel overwhelmed at times as there is so much to learn. Check out FixMyApp on youtube. He has very detailed videos specifically on the Nintendo Switch and check out the threads here. There are a lot of good threads on the Switch and although you may not find the answer to your specific question, you will surely find useful information.

I consider myself a beginner as well but will try to help you and yes often a fix can be as simple as replacing or jump-starting a battery. What is the battery voltage? If its reading zero, jump it with your power supply.

Also, attach pictures. Lets take a look at the condition of the board.

Where did you get this device? Ebay?