Can I send in my ps4 for a repair?

My ps4 gets really loud and overheats a lot. I took it apart and seemed to do nothing. I want to know if I can send in my ps4 for a fix and I’ll pay for it. Also I’m giving it to my sister and her boyfriend but I want that problem fixed. Some of the screws are missing but I have them all and I’ll send them with the ps4. Thank you for reading and I hope you can help me out.

Does it give you an overheating error message?

Yes, almost any game I play gives me the overheating error.

OK, so most likely the heat sink is plugged. If you’re handy with tools you can probably do this job yourself…there are also good YouTube tutorials. You’ll want to replace the thermal paste and clean the fan while you’re in there.

Alright, thank you. I took it apart the other day and the only thing I needed was thermal paste but didn’t have any. I’ll get some and give it another try. One last question though. Is the thermal paste the reason why it gets so loud?

Generally no but if you took it apart and didn’t put new paste in then that would cause it to be really loud and overheat.

Thank you so much for the help!

Any news about your PS

I tried to take apart my PS4 to clean the fan and heat sink but when it came to power supply I accidentally ripped out the port and then I stopped and never cleaned the fan and heat sink properly. Would you be willing to fix my power supply port as well as finish cleaning it even though I’m from the UK? Also, I am willing to pay for the work.

My ps4 pro blink a blue light when I try to turn it on it shows me a ps4 logo but after that it never runs it just a black screen

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