Can I skip m92t36 LDO caps?

While trying install mod chip, I lost these 2 LDO capacitors. My switch still boots and charges normally. Do I need to find and re-install these 2 capacitors?

hmm, I cant upload image…

These caps are connected to pin 39 and 40m, LDO28CAP and LDO15ACAP

perhaps this will help

Thank you, but i can’t find any retail seller in my country sell this 1uF 6.3v 0402, only sell in batch of 10k caps :joy:. I tried with 1uF 6.3v 0201 but it’s too hard for me (I can solder 0201s in APU when desoldering hwfly flex cable but not this time :rofl:). For now i dont have hot air station and intend to buy one.

yeah, think the pad gap is a bit too long for an 0201 here, you might get away using a small jump wire from the ground side while soldering the cap itself to the opposite pad. I would suggest getting the proper part IMO, but it might work in a pinch? Maybe try and track down a donor board, might be able to find one for cheap and then you would have more spares on hand for other problems later.

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