Can i use flex picofly v1 on OLED with wired?

Hello , i need retry install OLED picofly on nintendo switch OLED
But my flex cpu are broken but I have flex for switch v1 , can u use ? White add wire ?
Schema ?
Thanks advance


( sorry for my bad language iam French )

Help please … :pray:t2: I don’t want make mistake again ahah

No, the v1 flex will not fit on v2/oled, because the caps which should be soldered are 90° rotated.

I would order same replacement flex for oled and try again.

If i use wire 0,1 mn and I soldering the caps to se flex ? But how it’s good position ?

Do you have idea ? Thanks

I’m sorry for the confusion. There are some modifications.

I checked that only 1 MOSFET exists on V1 cable. V2 consoles requires 2 MOSFETs.

So, in addition to the different direction of the capacitor, the number of MOSFETs is different so I think it will be difficult to use it.

Attached is a picture of some versions of the cables I have.

F2v1-6, F2v1-7, and NS-X in the upper row are for V2,
F1v1-6, F1v1-7, and NS-P in the lower row are for V1.

The small square part you see on the bottom left is the MOSFET. I hope this information helps you.

imgur. com/a/OcuYZk9

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I also conceived the same idea of using V1’s cable for V2 consoles.

As mentioned above, the capacitor’s direction is different, so it cannot be inserted directly.

But, I thought it would be possible to use the flex cable outside, by wiring directly to the contact point on flex cable and the capacitors.

Unfortunately, I haven’t tested it, but I don’t think the structure itself is very different, so I think it can be use.

What is certain is that it would be much more convenient than working with only two MOSFETs without any flex cable.

I have find v2 flex can I use on OLED ? Please thanks

Of course, yes. Of all variants, only V1 erista is different, and both LITE and OLED made based on V2 mariko have the same capacitor direction.

However, since the V2 cable is too short to directly connect to the modchip of OLED, so as far as I remember, two points in the middle of the six-pin on the flex cable must be soldered together and need to wiring to the CPU point on the modchip.

The CPU point location on modchip may vary depending on which mod chip you use. I brought any modchip for an example. (as there are different forms depending on the seller)

imgur. com/a/o02SMpy

The part of pins that needs to be soldered on V2 flex cable is ■


I recommend looking for more information because it may not be accurate.

In detail, please refer to the red wire on the right side of the attached picture. (source : gbatemp)

imgur .com/a/Ttfye68