Can I use this power Adapter from xbox 360 Fat

So I bought XBOX one, but the power brick was broken, no light when I plug in to console, I changed capacitor and it turned on, but when I’m playing games it randomly turns of… sometimes after 2 minutes in to the game, sometimes after like 30… I think the issue is still a power brick. I don’t want to buy a new one. Can I use this adaport ? Can it damage my console ?! (I can’t post a picture, but it’s Xbox one from 360 fat power brick adapter)

Salieras, I read somewhere that you could use the 360 power brick but you can’t. The prongs that go into the xbox one are smaller than the 360. I had to purchase a new one myself. You can find one on Amazon for around $25.

Anything to do with power issues on XBox and you suspect the PSU you should replace it else you may damage the consoles Mossfet chips on the power rails internally. You can also try ebay but make sure you find what model you need i.e Jasper as they all have different connectors and wattage/amps etc