Can Liquid Metal Move Inside a PS5 That's Never Been Opened

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I purchased a PS5 in July 2022 but didn’t unbox it until January 2023. during those six months, the console was stored in its original box, unopened, and never powered on. As i know PS5 consoles are typically stored in their original packaging in a vertical position.

My question is : if my PS5 was in its original box, unopened, and unused for six months, should I be concerned about liquid metal issues like drops or dry spots ? does the fact that it hasn’t been powered on make any difference in terms of the risk of liquid metal movement or other potential issues ?

My PS5 is currently working flawlessly without any overheating or random shutdowns. However, I’ve heard that issues related to liquid metal may develop over time. iam at risk because my console was stored in its original box and never used for several months ?

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$ony would be freaked out if that was an issue tends to RMA from massive device sitting on the shelf in retail stores.
Liquid metal would become an issue only after running on operating temperature over certain amount of time due to dry spot.