Can switch work without joycons?

Hi, I’m working on nintendo switch v2. It came broken when I bought it, so I fixed it and always test if the diplay works. I had a problem that the switch was only charging one side and I found out why (2 pins on usb c were connected). And the one I tried to put everything together but when I tested the screen I got a black background with a white bar. So I reconneced the whole thing and now I have no picture in the dock or handheld. The console charges but is unresponsive (And when I turn the charger I hear a beeping sound).
I read somewhere that the switch can’t turn on without the joycons (I have the joycons disassembled sideways).

You could not go through initialize page without Joycon if your console been formart/initialized, but console can always turns on without joycon

It was used and when it was only charging one side I hade output and there was someone sing in. Im trying everything to repair this switch but switch just saying fuck you to me :frowning: . Btw when charging with new battery I get 4.76 V and 0,44A.

Try using a different set of joycons or a usb-c keyboard will also work . Has to be wired. Can’t pair until you initialize the system . The switch pro controller and some of the aftermarkets have a wired setting but you have to turn it on in settings before it will work .

You can also use a usb-c keyboard . Or any controller that is only wired . Switch Pro controller can utilize wire but only after you enable it in settings .