Can’t open my ps4

Hey! New problem. When I open my ps4, it puts me directly into safe mode. There I only have two choices: reset database or search for update. I take search update with wifi because I already have the problem that I can’t insert discs and I don’t have usb. Then I do the update normally but when I finish it. It says SU-42118-6 error has occurred, turn off ps4. So overall can’t enter in the ps4. Thanks

Does the disc drive work?

How can I know if it’s working or not

Try to put a disc in it

Oh ok well not at all. I can’t insert or eject a disc. I had this problem before this one of not being able to open my ps4.

OK, so that’s the problem then. Since your disc drive doesn’t work it won’t ever let you update it. The only way to get it to work is to get the disc drive fixed. Usually there’s a fuse that will blow and that keeps it from working.

Ahhhhh it all makes sens now ok thank you so much really you’re the best

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