Can’t seem to fix this HDMI


Im working on a PS4 model 1215a. I have changed the HDMI port on it 3 times, and still the image kind of shows up on the screen, but it’s really grainy. And when you budge the HDMI cable the picture goes out completely.

So I guess I have two questions:

  1. Could this problem be related to the IC chip?
  2. Do you guys know a good, reliable manufacturer to buy these HDMI ports from? I’ve purchased some from Alibaba, but the ones I have don’t seem to be very high quality.

Thanks for your guys time and consideration!

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I should also point out that the filters all looked good

Filters look good but, have you tested them? Are the port pins firmly soldered? Try replacing ic… trying is the only way to know it…

Yea, i tested the filters. Sorry that message wasnt super clear.

One of the HDMI pins are missing, but it’s a ground pin. Would that effect it?

Yes it affects a lot, make a jumper from pin to any ground point…