Can’t update ps4 slim

Idk when the update got released but my PS4 slim was unable to update the latest system software 7.55 when I tried updating it, it gave me error
su-42118-6 I’ve tried to fix it from taking it apart and see if I could find the solution but I didn’t take it apart to much since I didn’t really know what I was doing, I was wondering if their even is a solution. I can’t play any of the latest games bc they all got updates and I’m unable to play them if you guys could please help me find a solution on what to do and how to fix this problem. My PS4 also won’t take any disc I had to take the disc that was stuck in their previously

I have the same error code but happened the same day update 8.0 was released. Much googling revealed the problem is apparently the Blu-ray drive, which is weird because my drive was fine (playing games literally an hour before the update pop-up). Since the error code, my PS4 no longer accepts discs but the machine does power on when you attempt to insert.

I’ve taken my system apart to check connections are all good. The flex cables are fine, I’m getting continuity across all pins on all cables. Checked some fuses and the only one I can’t get a reading from was the one near the power supply connectors.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated as the system is less than 4 years old and barely gets used to play actual games, so the drive should be working fine