Can you Repair (Not Replace) a not working PS4 power supply

Hello all,
When searching for fixing or repairing a PS4 power supply, all I find are videos on how to replace it with a new one.
I’m hoping someone might point me toward a link that shows how to repair the original one, not just replace the whole thing.
They’ve got to be fixable, right?

Thanks and have a great day!

Try searching with the power supplies model, for example ADP-300
I’ve repaired 3 ps4 power supplies recently, all from the cuh-1215a model of ps4, all had roach infestation damage.
So yes you can repair them, however they contain large caps that hold 400v and are usually not worth repairing which is why most people avoid it.

Take extra care when taking one apart and be mindful of the high voltage
Also the pcb is very thin and can popcorn quite easily from heat

Great info. Thank you!!!
Have a great day!