Cannot access HDD .Original PS4.Replacing hard drive doesnt help

So as i said replacing HDD doesent help, so its a hardware issue and HDD connector seems to have continuity towards the board from every input.
Any typical fuses/transistors etc. to check ?Thanks in advance.

Well i’d start by checking for corrosion do a naked eye check first and if you see corrosion then it needs cleaning with a special cleaning solution I think it’s known as IPA it’s basically a special alcohol bath for components also it’s an idea to post pictures people can help you out better I do that with mine

I have the same problem ps4 would not detect hard drive. Where you able to resolve this issue?

no sadly i wasnt.the port itself had continuinty to the borad frtom the good known HDD,but the error was still present

Did you sell that ps4 on ebay by any chance?

Same problem here, any solution, adding that, attempting to install system, video signal suddenly goes off… now i have a storage not detected plus wlod…