Cannot Access System Storage

I picked up this Slim for a very good price while selling my console to someone. They dropped a heavy object onto it and it stopped powering on.

I replaced the power supply and got it to boot. Get the error code that the storage cannot be accessed. I just opened it up and found this (pic) on the chip and resistors closest to the HDD connector.

Is this even worth attempting or do I have myself a parts console?

Looks like a blown circuit with corrosion. Could try cleaning it up with some IPA to see if it looks any better. If it does try replacing it but if not part it out.

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I seems to me that the component shorted and blew. Likely due to the chip by it. The chip is a voltage regulator. If you have the skill to replace a HDMI socket cleanly, then you should be ok. Replacing the chip may not be the only issue. See if you can test the other components around it.

Multiple issues on that one, sounds like a big project.

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