Can't get past PS screen to log into PS4, controllers won't connect via anything. Help plz?

My PlayStation has been fine till this point. It’s clean on the inside, never been dropped or hit with anything while running.

The last time I was in my PS4, I disconnected the controller to use on my PC’s Bluetooth. Now the controller won’t connect via USB cable or Bluetooth. I can’t get past the PS screen to log into any accounts. Safe mode doesn’t work because you need to have a controller connected to scroll the options. I’m at a loss here and I need help.

I faced the same problem after I formatted my PS4. All you need to do is try a different cable to connect the controller to the PS4 for the initial pairing. you will have to try different cables, some will let you charge but still won’t let you pair with the ps4 with them ( weird I know! ). I tried 4 cables which would let me charge the controllers but didn’t let me pair, the 5th one let me pair.

I’ll try this thank you! I have two cords, one from a phone and the original PlayStation one. The PlayStation one charges, but doesn’t pair while the other doesn’t work at all. I’m going to look around my house to see if I can find another one.