Can't launch Atmosphere or OFW

I have an unpatched v1 that was was working fine, but I made the stupid mistake of reconnecting the right joy-con ribbon cable while it was on and may have shorted something in that area with the metal tweezers. After closing it up, I can boot into Hekate fine, but trying to launch Atmosphere just sits on the blue/purple Atmosphere screen (not the logo that usually comes up right after). If i try to go to OFW through Hekate or by disabling auto RCM, it just goes to a black screen, no logos or anything before. I also tried Lakka and it goes black after the logo.

I tried restoring the rawnand and boot0/1 I backed up before initially installing atmosphere, but it hasn’t changed anything. Hekate shows my blown fuses as 7/6, but I thought I should be able to get back into Atmosphere at least. I’ve tried different SDs and fresh copies of the atmosphere 1.3.2 (which is what it was already running), but still the same problems.

Does anyone know what kind of motherboard component problem could cause this? I don’t see any shorts now, but probably damaged something while it was on. I tried measuring the values around BQ in diode mode and not sure if the third pin on the top of BQ and the component it leads to have a big enough difference to mean anything (~160 vs ~300). Could a damaged BQ cause this behavior?

TL;DR - May have shorted something near right joy-con ribbon and can boot into Hekate, but not OFW or Atmosphere. NAND restore didn’t fix.

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