Can't Remove M92T36

Huge question, I attempted to do a fix with the M92T36 on the Switch. For some ungodly reason I can’t desolder it. I have used high temperature and low temperature exposure. At first I tried to avoid what happened to “myMateVince” on his first video where he melted the components on the switch motherboard. However I kept increasing the heat, to the point where I had to re accommodate the resistors surrounding the chip. I created a nozzle for a bigger heat gun with a thin copper line so that I could just direct the heat directly on top of the chip. I wrapped the mother board in kapton tape, and I have used lots of flux, but that M9 chip won’t come off. Have any of you ever experienced this?

You can dremel it off if it is really stuck on there :wink:

Which temperature and airflow do you use?
I use 380-420°c and mid-low airflow (5mm nozzle) on my cheap chineese station and can desolder chips without bothering other components

Train on some other PCBs, once you can remove qfn chips and solder them back you can go on and do it on your switch board

Make sure that you remove the CPU shield and also clean up there, flux seeps into there and can cause some issues later on

Hi, my settings on my hot air station are:

Brand: Quick 861W
Temp: 380-420°c
Airflow: 45-50
Nozzle: 6mm

So very similar to DSch settings, but I can also recommend you to always add some low melt solder (138-183°c) to the pins around the chip, it makes it easier to remove to the chip because you can focus the nozzle on the center of the chip because, its an unnecessary huge amount of solder below it.

Dremel should be your last way to remove the chip, maybe it’s working? and the issue is related to a Cap or Pi3usb chip on the other side of the PCB?

It’s your decision but if you want to use a Dremel do it! A new M92T36 isn’t that expensive.

DSch I even made an adapter with a copper line on a general work heat gun like the one from harbor freight and I took the temperature up to 800 F*. The copper line was some extra that I had from the ac lines. But I am sure the heat was more than enough because I tried removing ICs from a tv motherboard and they were coming off within 10 seconds. I got a new rework station and I will be trying it today. Thank you much for your specs, I will try them out since now I have those measurements in my new station.

Yes I was thinking I could probably do that, but I don’t know how deep to go, I will be trying a new rework station. Thanks much for the advice.