Can't upload images

Good afternoon everyone
Nice to meet you
I’m new here so i have some question regarding feature for posting
so i tried to posting my problem but when i add images and hit create topic a popup notification say *sorry you can’t put images in a post, same when i include link too it says i cannot include link in a post.
So any other way to attach images on a post? or does it have some specification for the images like size or dimension?
Thanks for the help

Same here. Uploading a picture is essential while exposing a board related problem, but the forum won’t allow me to do that, don’t understand why!

It seems like the problem is on how much you contribute to the forum, like create post, commenting on other people post, or how frequent you visit the site.
Actually after i post the previous thread the next day i could finely upload the images and make a post out of it, and yesterday i finally could include the link. I think for the new user they restrict it for a few days so there’s no spamming cases on the new user.