Cap Identification Help

Hey guys, so I blew off a cap while replacing the P13 IC and I don’t have the tools to measure the capacitance of the neighboring caps so I’m relying on the internet for the answers. Online I’ve seen conflicting ratings, a 0201 rated at 0.12uF and 0201 at 100nF. Any answers are greatly appreciated so thank you in advance.

pretty sure is 0.1uf=100nf caps

Thanks for the clarification! So a 0201 0.15nF 6.3V capacitor should be a proper replacement?

A proper replacement would be a 0.1 nF, as jkyoho mentioned. With 20% tolerance it could be 0.08 - 0.12 nF.

So this should be sufficient?

Sorry I wrote the false value. 0.1 µF is correct:

Thank you guys so much! This shit was driving my crazy, I appreciate it a lot.