Capacitor above USB C shorted

Hi everyone,

A long time ago I bought an Ebay Switch that had most of its USB C pads ripped off. Just recently, I used a flex board that I bought from rippedtraces, and managed to get the Switch charging again along with data transfer.

Stupidly, I had not secured the ground planes of the USB C, and while testing the Switch the flex board lifted from the board. This in turn, caused a warning on my PC, that the USB port was power surging and as a result the switch was no longer recognisable on my PC.

I re-soldered the flex board but it either came up with the power surge error/not recognised by Windows. I found that the capacitor, just above the fuse of the USB C port, on the front side, was shorted. I removed this capacitor but the short still remains on the pads. I then removed the USB C port & flex board but the short still remains.

I have checked the M9/BQ/PI3USB chips for any shorts but I can’t seem to find any. Curiously, if I remove the fuse below the Capacitor, the short seems to disappear. If I put a known working fuse back on, the short on the capacitor returns.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what I should check next? I am not totally sure why the capacitor is shorted and I am at a bit of a loss.