Capacitor and resistor values

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I recently bought a used (broken) Nintendo switch console. To repair it I took it apart and took the motherboard out of the case. I then saw that someone obviously already tampered with the device, the power management IC (M92T36) is missing. That alone would’t be a great problem, you can get those for a couple of bucks from china.
The problem is that two more components are missing. If the USB-port is south (facing towards you), the horizontal capacitor in the direct north of the IC and one of the two resistors (the left of the two) to it’s right side are missing.
I’ve tried to photograph it, didn’t turn out too well, but I think you can get a rough idea about the parts I’m referring to.

Figuring the form factor out is not much of a problem, but I have absolutely no clue about the capacitance and resistance of the parts that are missing, I can’t simply measure them. Does anyone know the values or would be kind enough to measure them for me?

Thanks in advance for the help!

I’ll take some measurements from a working donor and let you know :slight_smile:

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your last post with the component diagrams already tremendously helped, thank you so much!
Looking at the datasheet of ROHM’s BM92T30 (now I know it’s from ROHM it makes things a lot easier), which I think is a close relative to the M92T36 used in the switch, the resistors should both be 100 kOhms. Both these resistors should be more or less measurable while still on the board, there shouldn’t be much need to desolder them, if I correctly understood the datasheet. Inside is only a protection diode and heaps of MOSFETs in parallel to the resistors (Figure on top of page 23 of the Datasheet, Pins 31 and 32), so they shouldn’t have much of an influence on the value…
The capacitor is connected to Pin 36 (VCONN_IN) of the IC and should just be a stabilising cap for the chip’s supply, I’d guess something like 100 nF ceramic cap.
It would still be really helpful if you could confirm (or deny) my guesses.

Hey mate, I have just taken measurements.
Cap seems to read 0.8uF, and the two resistors are both the same value of 147k ohms.


Hey Ben,

Thank you so much for your support. I ordered parts, I hope I get them before the weekend, we’ll see. I will report if the parts worked or not!

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just a short followup: I replaced the resistors with 100k resistors and the capacitor with a 1uF mlcc cap and it works like a charm! Thank you for the help @KiloooNL ! :smiley:


Hey I have a similar problem although the parts I need are on the left side sorry I used your previous image for ease. Could you possibly link me to the place to buy replacements I dont need the capacitor second one up just the 2 black resistors

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Those two resistors are 100 kOhm, should have a power rating of at least 50 mW and have a form factor of 0201. You can get them virtually at any electronics distributor, if you’re lucky even your local electronics parts store carries them. Retailers may very depending on where you’re living. Pretty big international ones are Farnell, Digikey, Mouser. Tell us where you live and soneone might be able to tell you where to get those parts :slight_smile:


I think that would work


Thanks appreciate the help and I’m UK Newcastle specifically

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Hi guys, I am THE biggest noob, but have done a fair few repairs such as ps4 hdmi trace/filter/port reconstruction, so I figured I should be able to do this same repair.

I too managed to knock off the exact same resistors/capacitors the OP posted (as well as the capacitor next to the horizontal one, but have since found it too. So now am just after the resistor

(im too new for links/pics so have swapped . for dot)

Would this be suitable? I don’t really understand electronics, common sense has really prevailed in the past haha. Thank you in advance


Ciao posso chiederti di aiutarmi su questa Nintendo Switch??
Manca questo condensatore che è stato staccato, sapresti dirmi il valore??

I know I’m necroing this thread but does anyone have the values for what I assume are the capacitors on the left side (the large black and brown vertical ones that are slightly offset)? I messed up during a rework and blew them off… Thanks in advance! SRY I’m not allowed to attach pics

Values from a HAC-CPU-10


Thank you for this. Unfortunately after more research it seems that my board is the HAC-CPU-01. I know alot of caps have different values for different boards, but would you happen to know if the ones I’m concerned with are different? I have seen some references that say they are 4.7uf and 2.2uf but the last thing I want to do is ruin something else with the wrong cap.

If you are not sure, read the datasheet for the bq14293. Pin 22 (REGN): “Connect a 4.7-µF (10-V rating) ceramic capacitor fom REGN to analog GND.”

Thank you for the information. I’ll do some digging.

Hello everyone,

Do I need to know the value or where to buy the replacement for these capacitors from the microSD connector? I will appreciate your help.