Capacitor missing below M92T36 chip

Hi all, first off thank you for you efforts and support.
After the removal of the M92T36 chip i was cleaning the board ready for the new component, i have noticed that there was a missing cap under the M92T36 chip.
Would anyone be able to identity what it is so I can remount this as well?

I cant seem to attach a photo to my post, so I will try and describe its location, its on the bottom side of the chip between the last 3 legs on the right side of the chip. its a light brown colour i believe and its very very small.

Many thanks

credit to @Calvin

Thanks @jkyoho I’m not sure if this is the same as my board, i have a switch lite and I cant seem to marry up the components on the diagram

@jkyoho looking through a post you gave an answer for @Dembones i think I’m after a 0.01uf 0201