Capacitor near 29 pin FPC Connector

Does anyone know the value of this capacitor? Above the 3rd and 4th pins counting from the right of the FPC connector on the motherboard that connects the daughterboard to it

Tried to replace the FPC connector and it got removed accidentally. Also, does it NEED to be replaced or can it be bridged?

Switch Lite

Never bridge capacitor pads, or you will make a short circuit causing device malfunction

If someone doesn’t get to it before me, I have to replace that same FPC connector (as soon as they ship from China :confused: ) anyway so I can pull that cap and try and measure it for you tonight. Pretty sure it’s 3.6v going to that thing though IIRC but I’ll check again to be sure.

it goes to backlight cable, pin2 from left. should be 3.6v. My inline measure is 1uf

Offline measure is 1.1nF

I think that backlight voltage is variable. I had a switch that I checked last night measure 4.06v on that cap so I assume the brightness was turned up on the screen. Maybe it should be a 5v cap?

Forget my last post. I actually just measured the cap has 17v at max brightness and 15v around min brightness, so maybe a 20v cap is more suitable

Thanks everyone

So it should be 1.1nF 20v

go for 25v since the cap voltage rated 16v then 25v, usually don’t have 20v spec in between.LOL