Capacitor shorted to ground

Hi guys,
Recently I bought a broken Nintendo switch. The seller said that it’s not turning on and doesn’t give any sign of life when plugged in. I’ve checked the charging port and it’s messed up. But when waiting for a new port to come in, I’ve checked all capacitors on one side of the MB. Strangely, only one is shorted to ground, and it’s the one nearest to the charging port (first one above the fuse).
Can anyone tell me what can be the cause of it and what is the spec of this capacitor so I can buy a similar one?
Thanks in advance.

remove the ic near that capacitor, and check if the short remains…

I meassured today the big cap above the fuse after desoldering it and the reading was 10µF.
If it s right, it should be a SMD Cap 10µF 0805" 25V. If You remove the cap and the short is gone, the cap is bad. If not, the problem might be the M92T36.

Hi guys. I think that the short was caused by faulty USB port. I replaced it and now everything is working fine!

But thank you for your answers. I hope it will help someone in the future.