Capacitor value?

Is anyone able to confirm what the cap value is in the left hand pic? Board is an EDM-010, Cap was short to ground and shorted all the circled caps in the second picture. Also blown fuse F7001. Tried to check on my personal ps5 but board revision is EDM-020 and the circuit with cap in question isn’t present on that board.

pretty sure they are 22uF

Yep you called it, just popped one on and got my 5v rail back just missing one 2v point and one 5v point and I’m pretty sure this thing will live again :rofl:

On the off-chance you wouldn’t know where these 2 rails come from?

5V you marked comes from f7001.
2v comes from the inductor on the left of F7502 mark


Hmm that’s a strange one :thinking: all caps are testing fine since I changed that bad cap, however I did pull most of that circuit off trying to find the initial problem, may have not put regulator back on properly. I’ll give that a try tonight and see what happens.

Did you replace the blown F7001?

Yeah took it off my working board

Cancel it was a fault on my behalf, the small black transistor had lost a small part of the metal that wraps around it from top to bottom. Nice big blob of solder to restore the connection and she fires up beautifully. Now just need to fix the psu and the job is a good one :grin: thanks for the help on that capacitor