Capacitor Values arround HDMI IC

Hi everyone,

I have a huge problem.
I bought a PS5 on ebay which was supposed to have a 2sec BLOD.
Unfortunately, the PS5 is completely dead.

I opened it up, found a short and got rid of it - so far so good.
The previous owner has soldered a new HDMI IC (MN864739).

Most of the capacitors arround that chip are missing and the ones remaining look like they have been replaced.
Now I need the values of every capacitor arround the HDMI IC to put new ones on the board an to be able to confirm, that the ones remaining got the right value.

Can anybody help me with that, please?


The caps should all be 0.1uF 0201 6.3v from my knowledge.
Maybe @jkyoho can confirm that.

YES, all 0.1uF 0201 6.3v caps

please which diode is ? please