Car instrument cluster

probably wont get a response but imma try anyway. ive been watching your videos for quite sometime and ive come across a solding dilemma. ive seen ya fix game systems laptops phones ect but not something like a typical fualty soldered instrument cluster out of a car/truck. i have an 03 yukon xl denali (in the mist of the crappy guage cluster years) and i believe its a resistor loose. i touched it it moved amd my cluster started working again. but its cold out so no telling if itll wirk again without taking it back out and dismantling it again. ive soldered before. no im not anywhere near as good as you by any means lol. ill send a picture of what i think is a resistor. now ive been told solder goes where solder has been. ive never had any luck soldering or getting it to stick. if i heat up the pins do i wven need solder? will it run where it needs to go without extra solder? ive got a cheap $20 harbor freight iron. i just dont wana try it then end up messing it up more. if you think itll work ill give it a go lol