CE-35888-2 / Unrecognized Disc

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i have a problem that my PS4 start normally but the DVD Driver can’t read the DVDs and show the line ( Unrecognized Disc ) , in addition to that when updating the software of the ps4 it download the update and then install it and ask for a restart , the problem after the restart this fault code appear (CE-35888-2 ) and then the ps4 restart again and return to the old system software.

the DVD Drive run good without any noise , and some one try to solve the problem and changed the DVD Driver , but the problem was still the same so he put back the original DVD driver again.

can u help me with this problem , my device is a PS4 slim last version.

ty for your time

Hi there, quickest way to explain - type in youtube “ps4 no disk feed” you should finde video whee they show fuses responsible or your problem . or just look for F6002 F6001 (depends of model) fuses on logic board